DR . NATASHA  (MISS)          DR. SHELDON  ( MR.) 





     * muscle pain       *  insomnia   *increase mobility

    *   anxiety              *   stress       *  release  tension   

   * hormonal         * digestive issues   * relaxation   *   increase strength 

   Unlike other therapies which manipulates bones or muscle 

tissues,    reflex can provide much needed relief thru working  the body reflex  that ails  the body parts   needed .

REFLEXOLOGY   is non invasive - no need to  remove clothing and it treats the entire body ! 

The body has the ability  to heal itself, following illness,  stress , injury or disease,  it  is in the state of "imbalance" and vital body systems can be blocked, preventing the body from functioning optimally, restoring body natural balance  and  facilitate healing.    Each person , the application  and effect of the therapy are unique and customized, sensitive trained hands can detect tiny deposits and imbalanced and by working on these points ,    reflexology  therapist  will release the blockages.



    AFFORDABLE  TRAINED  10+ YEARS     for student   massage therapy  now here !     CHIA   AND TANYA  

both are  in  massage school presently  to achieve their next level of  diplomas  of  3000 hours    , both girls are  10+ years each with  experience and  massage certifications   but offering  student massages  without insurance coverage  that is affordable